Watch Now: Leopard Pulls Prey Up Tree

An exciting video of a gorgeous leopard climbing up a tree with its kill. Leopards are the least social African big cats, and are not frequently seen as they usually keep to themselves. Most of the time they hunt at night. Leopards are capable of carrying prey much heavier than themselves. They often drag [...]

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Spectacular Little Lion’s Head

Compared to Table Mountain hike, Lion's head is the perfect hike as it is one of the activities in Cape Town that doesn't require much time... But the con is that sometimes you can’t admire the view because of the crowd! But guess what? Little Lion's head was discovered and it is as spectacular [...]

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Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show

  Are you looking for things to do in Cape Town this week? Save the date (especially if you're a wine lover)! Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show is South Africa’s foremost wine competition that allows the wine drinking public to discover the best products of the industry. Wine enthusiasts have the chance to try [...]

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Watch This Awesome Video of Incredible Namibia

Namibia, the land of dunes, saltpans, boundless horizons and spectacular game. A country for the real adventurer. The country has one of the lowest population concentrations in the world so during your travels through Namibia there will be times that you will feel like you are the only person in the world. Sounds good, [...]

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Delicious Food and Wine Dinners at Fairview

Last Years edition of Fairview Food-and-Wine Dinners was such a success that the event is coming back this year! Needless to say that this is one of the top culinary things to do in Cape Town this winter! From the 9th of June until the end of September, you will have the opportunity to enjoy [...]

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Amazing Drone Footage Shows Cape Town In All Its Beauty!

Cape Town is the number one tourist destination in the South Africa, as well as one of the most famous cities in Africa, and with videos like this, we don't have to wonder why. It's beauty simply never ceases to amaze both travellers and locals alike! The Mother city is well-known for its numerous hikes, outdoor activities, breathtaking [...]

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What happens in Winter? Ashanti’s Winter Festival Guide.

It might be getting colder here in Cape Town, but that doesn't mean that festival season has disappeared. South Africa carries on through the winter months with some amazing festivals. Music, art, food, wine, we have it all. We have selected the best festivals from June to October to keep you busy over the winter [...]

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Know your traveller – Are you a Backpacker, Flashpacker or a Grey Gapper?

Backpacking is a relatively common word, travelling on a budget, using a backpack, most of the time for longer distances and visiting many different places. But have you ever heard of a flashpacker? Or Grey gappers? If these terms don’t mean anything to you, don’t be ashamed. In this article, we will explain to you [...]

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List of Southern Africa

Are you planning a trip to Africa, but you are not sure what you want to do? Don’t worry, we have put together a bucket list of the top “not to miss” attractions just for you! This bucket list contains some of the most wonderful places in Southern Africa and East Africa, including amazing countries [...]

Ashanti becoming Cape Town’s best eco hostel

In recent years, there has been a growing water crisis in South Africa -  water supplies have been placed under immense pressure  by climate change within the region. Experts have predicted the possible consequences of climate change to South Africa's coasts and oceans, for instance an increased frequency of storms, a rise in the sea [...]

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