What to Pack When Going on an Overland Tour?

Overland adventures in Africa are great fun and something you will remember for the rest of your life. But always keep in mind that overland travel is not the same as staying in a 5 star resort and you won’t have a shopping mall in the African bush, so there are quite a few important [...]

Tips on How to Prevent Malaria

Nearly half of our planets population (more than 3 billion people) are living in high, medium or low risk malaria areas. Even though there has been a massive progress in curing and preventing this disease, it still causes many deaths each year and unfortunately most of them are here in Africa. When you’re on a holiday you really [...]

A Quick Guide to Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Yellow Fever Vaccinations are the only recommended way to make sure you don't contract Yellow Fever. Yellow fewer, like malaria, is a disease which is passed on by mosquito bites. It appears in tropical areas of Africa as well as in Central and South America. Most common Symptoms of yellow fever are: • fever • muscle pain [...]

Top 10 Training Sessions for Backpackers in Cape Town

Most of the backpackers in Cape Town are enjoying a lot of those good restaurants and bars over here. Well, of course you should try as many of them as possible but if it isn’t one of your travelling goals to gain weight you should better work out! So here are Ashanti’s top 10 workouts [...]

Stellenbosch Wine Tour (June 2016)

Last week we sent our intern Willy on a Stellenbosch wine tour with “Wine Flies”. Here is what he experienced, well, what he remembers:   “I started the day with a big boerewors & egg breakfast. Yes that’s my own creation to avoid getting drunk to quickly! After the feast I got picked up by [...]

Top 5 Travellers Meals for Backpackers

You feel like you’ve already been to all those great restaurants in Cape Town or you are just on a small budget but still want to treat yourself with good food? Here are our top 5 traveller meals to cook for backpackers in Cape Town (or anywhere else): #1 Braai The mother of all South [...]

Ashanti’s Review of The Cape Point Tour

On May the 2nd, we sent our social media intern on a Cape Point Tour. Here is how he experienced one of the most famous Cape Town activities ever: When Nico (our tour guide for today) picked us up around 7:30 am at Ashanti I still had a bit of a hangover and wasn’t too [...]

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Ashanti’s Top 10 Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

No matter what the weather is like there are always fun things to do in Cape Town. Here are some of Ashanti’s favorites. #1 WINE TASTING Do you know those days when the weather is - cautiously speaking - shit and you have to drink it better because nothing else works? Well, at least do [...]

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Backpacking Rules of Staying in a Dormitory

As most backpackers are staying at dorms here are some “rules” which should apply to those of you, who want to make new friends instead of new enemies while traveling around our beautiful planet. #1 ALARM CLOCKS! Sometimes you need to get up early even though you are travelling. If that’s the case at least [...]

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Ashanti Lodge Gardens Photoshoot

One of the staff at the best backpackers in Cape Town - Alex Floyd-Douglas - is studying photography and she took some amazing pics of Ashanti the other day.  Check out the ones of our new bar and lounge renovation!!

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