This small country is both landlocked and an island. It is located right in the middle of South Africa, a country with in a country, and is bordered on the North and East by the Drakensberg Mountain Range. If you are looking for a picturesque budget travel destination, then “the Kingdom in the sky”, is where you will find some of the best adventure tours. With an array of unique landscapes that range from lakes and waterfalls, to grasslands, to mountainous terrain covered in in an array of plant and wildlife, travels through Lesotho are bound to be memorable.

The Drakensberg Mountain Range

What better way to experience an adventure tour through the mountains than on top of a horse? Pony Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Lesotho – allowing visitors to truly take in the beauty of the various landscapes. Trekking is available as both day tours and camping adventures.

Between June and August, the high altitude of the mountains brings snow fall. Many tourists use this opportunity to rent ski equipment and go down the slopes of the Drakensberg. This is great for day trips and adventure tours, especially considering that Durban and St Lucia, with their white sandy beaches and warm waters are just a few hours from the mountains.

For those that would like to travel the mountains at a slower pace, the walks and hikes are breath taking along Sani Pass.

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Read more below for budget tours and overland travel through Lesotho’s Kingdom in the sky.

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