Uganda Lake Bunyoni


The fertile country of Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa and when visiting the exquisite Lake Bunyoni National Park you will know why. It is located in the south western region of the country and close to Bwindi National park which is home to the magnificent and world renowned silverback gorillas. If you are planning on seeing the gorillas, whether it be in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo, the chances are you will stay here the night before. This is definitely an area that needs to be visited when travelling through this beauty of a country.

The landscape is surreal, with lush jungles and rain forests forming the back drop of this magnificent region. There are small African huts and farm lands scattered along the majestic rolling hills. The lake is nowhere near the largest in Africa, yet it is impressively the second deepest on the continent. It is scattered with 29 idyllic small islands, which are reached via fishing boats, canoes or swimming distance for the very fit. The islands are primarily tourist destinations nowadays but in the past were home to prisoners, unmarried pregnant women and even lepers who had been banished to these isolated regions.

Known as the place of many birds, because of its impressive birdlife – it is home to over 200 species of birds. It also has wildlife such as zebra, water buck, monkeys and impalas that one can spot while relaxing on a deck at one of the many vibrant lake bars in the area.

The lake is quite safe for water sports in that there are no hippos or crocodiles in its waters. It is also free of diseases such as bilharzia, so swimming here is perfect for anyone wanting to escape the region’s hot and humid climate in the ice cold refreshing waters.

Activities at Lake Bunyoni include mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, and bird watching. There are also community projects to become involved with and pygmy village tours which allow one to visit local tribes and purchase arts and crafts that residents have made.  Ugandans are also known as some of the friendliest people in Africa.

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Uganda Lake Bunyoni
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