There are so many things to do in Cape Town, and you want to do all of it while you are here. But, that comes at a price. That is why we have made a list of fun and extraordinary things to do in Cape Town, which cost less than 200 rand!
The list ranges from wine tasting in a cave to 3d mini-golfing in the dark and many other entertaining things to do in the Mother City.

1. Strawberry picking at Mooiberg

Instead of buying your strawberries at the store, why not pick up a bucket and pick fresh fruits yourself. At the MOOIBERG Farm, you can handpick the strawberries and self select the ones you want to take home. It’s an enjoyable place for children, and if they would like to do something else activities like tractor rides, pony rides, and mini-golf are available on the terrain.

Cost: R45

Strawberries in bucket

2. Trenchtown’s Half Price Thursday

Trenchtown is a well known Caribbean restaurant located in Observery. It is a popular place notorious for its cocktails, good food and especially it’s party vibes. The restaurant has an outdoor section, which is the perfect place to sip cocktails and enjoy the sun! They organize different events and discounts throughout the week, so check the best day for you.
Cost: Prices and events vary per day

3. Visit the District Six museum

If you prefer to know more about Cape Town’s rich history, the district six museum is a must go. In the museum, you can learn about a time before the apartheid. During that time, the area of District six was filled with all types of people from freed slaves to artist and merchants. Until it was declared a white zone, the whole population had to abandon the area before bulldozers crushed their homes.
Cost: R40
entrance plate district 6 museum

4. Play Putt-Putt

Who said that mini-golf couldn’t be fun? The Sea Point putt-putt is sure to offer you a blast. For R20 you get to go through the whole course, which exists of 18 holes, with club and ball included. You can only have five attempts to get the ball in the pit; it is not as easy as it seems.

Cost: R20


mini-golf course

5. Iziko museums

Iziko museums are one of the premier cultural institutions in South Africa. There are 11 museums in Cape Town, and they range from natural history to social history, art, and even have a planetarium. In these museums, you can learn everything about South African culture.
Cost: Between R20 and R50
Iziko museums

6. Hunt for Semi Precious Gems at The Scratch Patch

The now well-known Scratch Patch gemstones picking is for all ages, the polished gems cover the floor and lay there for you to pick them. All you have to do is buy a bag (the price depends on the size). And go collect your preferred gemstones. These gems vary in color, size, and oddity.
Cost: From R15 (small bag) to R95 (large container)
Pile of Gemstones

7. Cinephilia under the stars with The Galileo Open Air Cinema

The Galileo is the most extraordinary place to watch a movie. It offers a perfect outdoor movie experience with the view of the stars above; what’s better than to enjoy a film while lying in the grass. And, you don’t have to worry about snacks because you can grab a bite at the food market. Is there a better way to watch a movie? 
Cost: R100 per ticket
people watching a movie in an open-air cinema

8. Old school movie viewing at the Labia Theatre

The Labia Theatre is the oldest Independent Cinema in South Africa, showing independent movies, foreign films, historical cinema, and other alternative and art circuit films. Equipped with four screens, a 176 seater, a 95, a 67 seater, an intimate 66 seater. There is also a coffee shop with popcorn, chocolates, and sweets, etc.. A fully licensed bar with terrace is also available. Labia Theatre is the only cinema where you can have a drink and enjoy popcorn in front of a good movie.

Cost: R50 per ticket

Old Movie Theatre

9. Experience a new and improved Kirstenbosch Gardens with the Boomslang Aerial Walkway

Kirstenbosch National botanic gardens are living proof that not all gardens are created equal. Back in the day, it was just ramshackle farmland overrun with pigs until in 1913 a botanist decided to turn it into a garden. The 528-hectare garden now contains over 7000 species of plants from southern Africa, and it has become a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best way to enjoy the garden is by using the Boomslang Aerial Walkway. It is a bridge made of steel and timber and looks very much like a snake skeleton.
Cost: R65
flowers and table mountain in the background

10. Step into the most magical garden at Babylonstoren

Babylonstoren is a typical Cape Dutch Farm, and it is one of the oldest. Around the farm lays a fantastic garden full of fruits and vegetables. You are welcome to try excellent food and drink fine wine for the day. And if you wish to stay longer, accommodation is available on the terrain, ranging from a luxurious hotel to comfy cottages.
Cost: R10
garden at Babylonstoren

11. Indoor climbing

Ever done any climbing? Well, the time has come to try! At Bloc 11, a world-class bouldering gym, you can have a perfectly safe and secure climbing experience. The rock you can climb is 3-4 meters, which makes ropes unnecessary. You can learn to climb at the gym, but there is also a possibility of doing some Yoga or fitness classes. In case you need a refreshing drink, coffee, or a snack or want to check your emails, the bar has drinks snacks and WIFI. 
Cost: R120
indoor rock climbing

12. Wine tasting in a “cave” at Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

Located in Durbanville wine valley, the farm’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean gives a cold breeze. This air is absorbed by the grapes enabling it to produce the most exquisite wine, with a unique flavor. Wines on offer include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Bandana Blanc, and Shiraz. It is nice to sip your wine while enjoying the incredible view on the farm. But, there is also the possibility of tasting the wine in a cave, which is an extraordinary experience that you cannot do everywhere. If you prefer an extended wine tasting experience, you can book a full day wine tour.
Cost: R40 per person (3 sauvignon blanc, 1 unwooded chardonnay, 1 rosé, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, Shiraz)
wine tasting in a cave

13. Japanese “chitchat”

Pecha Kucha means “chit chat” in Japanese. PechaKucha Nights are unofficial, fun gathering where people from all around the world get together to share ideas, projects, thoughts, theories, beliefs, etc.. on just about any topic. Those who come to share have less than 7 minutes to explain, educate, inspire, and stimulates the public. The presentation must have 20 images, and they have 20 seconds to put them into context. This time limit keeps the performance short but stays entertaining. A PechaKucha is something you’ll never forget.
Cost: R55
people looking at presentation

14. Secret Sunrise

The concept of the Secret sunrise was born under Zambian sunrise, and the goal is to unite as many people as possible and get them to enjoy themselves through dancing. The venues of the Secret Sunrise are kept secret until the last minute. They always choose sites that celebrate places in the city or nature. The music doesn’t play on a loudspeaker as usual. But, every participant has wireless headphones so they can individually listen to the music. All while being connected to everyone because the same music plays in each headphone.
Cost: R100
people dancing on the beach

15. Trampoline park ( Be up ) 

What exactly is a trampoline park? Imagine a room filled with trampolines from the floor to the walls and soft cushions, a place where you can jump around and fall but never get hurt? Isn’t that the dream? And if you want to spice this up, ask for a ball and have a dodgeball tournament. You’ll have a blast, and that’s a guarantee! 

Cost: R130

Kids Jumping on trampolines

16. Glowing rooms 

Mini-Golf is already such a fun activity but envision playing with a bit of a twist. In the Glowing Rooms, you can play in the dark with 3D glasses. The rooms and holes are decorated with glow in the dark paint, which makes it extra unique while playing. Now that is something that you need to try at least once in a lifetime.
Cost: R130
glow in the dark Mini-golf

17. Franschhoek Motor Museum

The Franschhoek Motor Museum is the best way to look back at more than 100 years of motoring history. With an incredible collection of vehicles, not only cars but also motorcycles, bicycles, and memorabilia. An assemblage of more than 220 vehicles ranging from an 1898 Beeston motor tricycle to a 2003 Ferrari Enzo supercar. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of seeing such a fascinating display of automobiles.
Cost: R80
car museum gallery

18. Zip Zap

Zip Zap social circus founded in Cape Town in 1992, and it’s only goal being to inspire young people to build a culture together. They coexist no matter their social and financial background; the circus supports and pushes each other to dream and makes them come true. Zip Zap does multiple productions not only at the Zip Zap dome but all over Cape Town and South Africa. With all type of artists from clown to acrobats, the show is sure to blow your mind.
Cost: R100
live Circus Performance

19. Visit Africa’s largest Bird Park in Hout Bay

World of Birds in Hout Bay is one of the biggest bird parks in the world and the largest in Africa, and you can easily access the park with the City Sightseeing Bus. Over 3000 birds (and small animals) of 400 different species that can be observed in more than 100 spacious landscaped walk-through aviaries, ensuring certain proximity to nature. Birds are not the only animals that you can find in the park a few small mammals live there too: Baboons, Meerkats, Monkeys, Marmosets, Tamarins, Squirrels, Mongooses, Foxes, Genets, Raccoons, Guineapigs and Porcupines. Come and see nature at it’s greatest.
Cost: R120
upclose owl

20. Castle of Goodhope

The castle was built in Cape town during the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company, and its the oldest colonial building in South Africa. Rich with culture and local heritage, and they still fire a cannon every day at 10:00,11:00 and 12:00 PM. Built with magnificent architecture and views, it remains to this day a prominent part of South African history.
Cost: R50
Castle of Goodhope