As South Africa is one of the best rugby-playing nations in the world, any backpacker visiting Cape Town during the time of the Rugby World Cup is sure to get caught up in the general hype and buzz that surrounds it.
Here is a list of some of the best things to do whilst watching the games.

f1) Drink Alcohol!

At our backpackers bar, we have great drinks specials that are on during the games with the most popular being a Springbok Shooter special for only R10. Most travellers to South Africa will give it a try! As the drinks flow more, so do the voices get louder

f2) Eat pizza/popcorn/boerewors roll and having a braai

As well as drinking, eating is one of the best things to do to release anxiety about the game. It allows you to keep those hands busy to avoid any hair being pulled or things broken in case the team you support loose.

f3) Become very patriotic

The world cup allows all populations of the world to support their country and push their team to the last round. All issues are left behind the time of the World Cup so people become more patriotic and sing national anthems and songs.

f4) Criticize the referee’s decision and the opposing team

When comes to sport, fans best activity is to take down the other team as well as dispute referees and decisions.

f5) Enjoying Bar’s Ambiance

Another good thing to do for the rugby world cup is to go to sport orientated bars with friends and enjoys a real game ambiance with other fans.

f6) Betting

Guess the score, take a bet and shout loudly for your winning team so that you can maybe win some cash!.
So when looking for where to stay in Cape Town, be sure to look for a backpackers lodge that is showing the games live and where you can be sure to experience all of the above.