Yellow Fever Vaccinations are the only recommended way to make sure you don’t contract Yellow Fever.

Yellow fewer, like malaria, is a disease which is passed on by mosquito bites. It appears in tropical areas of Africa as well as in Central and South America.

Most common Symptoms of yellow fever are:

• fever
• muscle pain
• headache
• nausea
• fatigue
• jaundice
• vomiting

While yellow fever is a rather nasty and dangerous disease, it is very easy to prevent contraction.

Before you visit a country with high risk yellow fever areas, get a Yellow Fever Vaccination! They are very reliable and prevent contraction of the disease within 30 days after the injection. Many African countries that have high Yellow Fever Zones will require proof of your vaccination before they will allow you into the country. The same goes for when you are leaving a country that is a yellow fever risk zone, you will not be allowed to enter into the next country without your proof of vaccination. So make sure you bring your original and a copy of your vaccination certificate with you. It is also a good idea to have a copy of your vaccination certificate emailed to yourself.

Although the vaccinations have almost a 100% prevention rate, it is still advisable to avoid mosquito bites.

So please take these easy steps to avoid them:

• put on mosquito repellent (Make sure it contains the active ingredient DEET)
• wear long, loose fitting cloths
• sleep under a mosquito net
• Keep windows and doors to your room closed


PLEASE NOTE: This blog is written as advice from a fellow traveller to give you a bit of knowledge about Yellow Fever Vaccinations. You should always visit a doctor or travel clinic to get the most current professional advice before traveling to Africa.