Have a look at the great selection of facilities available at Ashanti Green Point that we have instituted in order to make your stay more comfortable.  We have grown and enhanced over the last few years and we are sure that we have thought of just about everything, yet we are always introducing new little touches!

We have recently upgraded our internet servers as the bandwidth speed in South Africa can be notoriously slow, and are proud to advise that it is has made a significant difference. The WI-FI signal is available throughout the property and is free for all our guests and is now super fast!

Just get the password from reception, logon to the Ashanti network and surf away. If you don’t have your own computer or smartphone, we also have 2 computers available for your use at a small fee.

We are also able to print those boarding passes and other items for you.

We have access control at our main gate and at the entrance to the building.   A secret pin number is given to you upon check-in which allows you 24-hour access.  Our security guard from 7pm to 7am ensures peace of mind for those late arrivals and those traipsing home during the graveyard shift.

We also have CCTV cameras that watch over the premises inside and out and are monitored for access control and record everyone’s movements!

Cape Town is like any city in the world – just don’t go walking around alone late at night and you will be fine.  The staff at reception will provide you with a map and advise you.

We have off-street parking but it is not enclosed and may occasionally be full.  We always advise guests when travelling throughout the country to never leave any items visible in their car – a window will get broken just for a jacket!
Our sparkling blue swimming pool is great for those really hot summer days.

Book a pool lounger early as they are in great demand or grab a water toy to gently float around the pool while you plan your evening’s entertainment.

No need to walk around town with all your belongings.  Your personalised digital safe is ready for your use and you can leave all your valuables behind whilst enjoying Cape Town’s sights.

There is one available for every single person in their room (dorms too) and we also have day safes available for you if you have checked out and need to stash your stuff before your flight out that night.

For those of you sharing a dorm with strangers we also have the added security of individual under-bed lockers.  You need your own padlock, but we do sell them at reception if you forget!

One last thing just to make 100% sure that you safe!  We have installed smoke detectors in every room as well as a fire alarm and tannoy system for evacuation if necessary.  It is quite sensitive and the fire alarm will go off if you burn toast in your room – don’t laugh, it happened last week!
For those of you who have to cook for yourselves because you have spent all your cash (or just like cooking), we have a fully equipped self-catering kitchen.

The hot water is always bubbling here for your complimentary tea and coffee and the two industrial fridges keep your groceries cold. Please don’t forget to take them out of the fridge and the cupboards when you leave!

We realise that often one has to vacate their room in the morning to get it ready for the next guest coming in, but you don’t fly out until late. Don’t worry – we have a day luggage room available where you can leave your bags. There is no cost attached to this and it is always available.
All beds are made up with fitted sheet, pillow, pillowcase and duvet. In winter we also provide blankets for those chilly winter nights. All rooms except dorms also have towels for your use, so if you are bunking up please remember to bring a towel. Alternatively, you can also rent one at reception.
Tired of doing your own laundry. Just hand it into reception before 10am and it will be back the next day. Current rates are R70 for up to a 4kg load.
We worry about the future of the world and try to contribute as much as possible to counteract the effects of pollution and land fills, so have a comprehensive recycling program.
A lot of travellers end (or begin) their journeys in Cape Town and specially when you are at the end of a long safari, you really don’t want to be taking those grotty, worn-to-death clothes home with you. Also, you may have bought so many wonderful souvenirs here that you don’t actually have room in your suitcases for them! So if you dump your old clothes in our charity bin, they will be sure to go to someone who needs them!