It is always very exciting when you are booking an accommodation for the holidays. The pictures on the site looks stunning, the location is perfect and there is a great pool. But when you eventually arrived at the hostel it is not what you expected. So you found out that they haven’t painted the building for years, the couches are dilapidated, the photos of the area are not correct and there is no pool. That’s why we have decided to provide you with a virtual reality experience.

We want to let our guests see exactly what we offer and what you can expect of Ashanti Lodge. Matt Esof, from Envisio made this virtual reality video possible for us. This walk through will give you a global overview of the whole building inside and out. The program gives you the opportunity to have a look at all the different rooms, including dorms, private rooms, bathrooms facilities and communal areas. When you want a better view of the hostel you can choose to view it from other view points. One of the options is to watch it in a ‘dollhouse’ view. As the name suggests, the hostel looks like a dollhouse in which you have a better overview.

After the tour you will have a much better idea of what Ashanti looks like, it will give you a true impression of the hostel and the surroundings. Now you know that Ashanti has a great view to the table mountain and that there is a swimming pool.

Take a look at the full walk through below

So now that you have seen the complete accommodation, it is time to book at Ashanti and enjoy an amazing trip to Cape Town.