A friend asked me today, what should he do as a backpacker in Cape Town, South Africa.  Well he should immediately get himself to Cape Town was my first thought.  I mean hells bells Cape Town is my South Africa.

I then thought I have to justify to my friend why.

1.     I can put him on to some pretty sweet accommodation in Cape Town .. immediately thinking about Ashanti’s Guest House up around from  The Gardens Ashanti. Given that my friend had never back packed I think he would cope with that.  It civilised and the towel rails are heated.
2.    The travel centre at the Garden’s Ashanti can hook him up with my basic guide on what to do as a backpacker in Cape Town…
a.    Wine tour of Stellenbosch – I have already explained to him the superiority of south African wines, the age of the vine stock and the fact that these vines are vines that have died out in Europe but came from the vineyards of Europe in the 1500 and 1600s.  Also I have explained the happiness caused by a bottle of cap classique with the Australian dollar exchange rate.
b.    Tour of the Cape Flats and District 6.  It makes you sad and angry but you have to see it.
c.    The food.  Oh my, I remember my first langoustines..as an Australian by immigration I get a good plate of seafood but these were a surprise of joy the first time I ate these at Camp’s Bay.  My Husband still talks about some fish he had at the local Ocean’s Basket that he had ten years ago.  Then there is that French Resturant that I went to a few months back.. a fraction of the price I would have paid for that food in Australia.. with wine.
d.    That mountain with her table cloth that you can see from the deck at the bar at Ashantis
e.     Visit the waterfront for Seals, Working Harbour and shopping. 
f.    Robben Island.  My grandmother worked there when it was a leper colony. Later on it incarcerated one of the greatest men of living memory Mandela.  The history is inspirational and sad. The views back to the mainland will make you cry again.
g.    Simon’s Beach.  I was there in March.  Still a joy all these years later.  Although you use to be able to get closer to those penguins!
h.    Cape Point .. the history, standing in two oceans at once, remembering my dad telling me how he did the same thing the first time he went as a backpacker in Cape Town.
i.    The taste of a Savannah at the end of the day … in Ashanti’s bar.  Listening to the United Nations chilling.
j.    Oh and he really should toddle off and see the big 5 at Kruger.. its one of my favourite places.
3.    As another friend of mine says.. get amongst it.

So Pauli .. when you do my South Africa as a backpacker in Cape Town.  This is a few of the reasons why.

Contributed by: Allison Finley -Bissett