As most backpackers are staying at dorms here are some “rules” which should apply to those of you, who want to make new friends instead of new enemies while traveling around our beautiful planet.


Sometimes you need to get up early even though you are travelling. If that’s the case at least make sure you turn your alarm off once you are awake and don’t let it ring until you had your morning coffee. People staying in your room will appreciate it a lot.


Normally that should go without saying but from what we know it already happened at other hostels that people brought pets from back home or picked them up on their way. It’s not cool to bring animals (what sort ever) into a dorm because rooms are mostly already crowded and sometimes a bit smelly. So do everyone a favour and don’t bring the squirrel you just picked up at our garden into your room.


Sleeping naked is a feeling of complete freedom for some people. But somebodies junk may not be the first thing you wanna see in the morning.


It’s one of the oldest needs in history of mankind but it’s also one of the oldest arguments when it comes to staying at a hostel. Some people can handle it, some not. You know what we’re talking about: having sex in a dormitory.
So here is what we suggest you to do:
-be really quiet so no one recognizes you’re having sex in there (which sometimes isn’t too easy)
-get a private room
-be creative about finding another place to have your fun at (such as cars, parks, lonely beaches …)
-organise an orgy with all the people staying at your room so nobody can complain anymore


If you want to have a humid, tropical and sticky climate Ashanti Travel Centre will be happy to help you plan your next trip. But please don’t turn your room into a tropical rainforest by hanging up all your laundry in there!


This is probably the most important rule about your stay at a hostel. BE CONSIDERATE! Don’t be too serious about life. Don’t forget you are on holiday. Enjoy yourself and talk to people you’re having a problem with. It helps in most cases.