Table Mountain and Cape Town South Africa at night

Andrew Patterson is a man on a mission. His plan? To climb Table Mountain every day in 2018! That’s climbing 1085 meters every day for 365 days in a row. Some might ask if Andrew is a super fitness enthusiast or maybe a little bit crazy? Not at all. His mission has a purpose. A very noble and charitable purpose. His aim is to empower 1 million South Africans who are not in the means of empowering themselves.

His main goal is to help one family, one child, one life by means of donations towards this incredible cause. Andrew is passionate about South Africa and the power we have to work together and make this country a better place for all. Donations start as little as R1 and every little bit helps.

Donations will then be used towards three cause:

• Habitat for Humanity, to build homes and give a family a basic right to safety;
• One Heart, for kids to help teach a child to read
• The Sunflower Fund, to help increase their donor registry and give someone a second lease on life

Donations can be made through back a buddy,  and once you’ve donated you are welcome to join Andrew on one of his planned hikes each day through out 2018.



Check out the video below to find out more directly from Andrew:

If you would like to donate towards this cause or join Andrew on a hike you can get in contact via Facebook or his Back A Buddy website.

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