If you’re a backpacker wondering where to stay in Cape Town, I don’t think that you would be able to find accommodation on top of Table Mountain… If you are looking for 7th Wonder of the world, you could just find yourself right underneath it at Ashanti Lodge!

It was first climbed by António de Saldanha in 1503, over 510 years ago! The mountain has been baffling humans ever since. If viewed from the sea-side it is seen to be a table fit for Gods. We think that it is the perfect meeting place for all great religions of the world to sit in unison… Seeing as South Africa is the place for a Rainbow Nation!

Standing just over 3,558 feet tall, the ‘Berg’ is a defining feature for every photo of Cape Town – Either in the foreground as the main attraction or as a backdrop for an “I was there photo”. It is a great way to walk off lunch at any point, or a post party hangover cure! It will get your blood pumping and squeeze every drop of alcohol out of your system, leaving you refreshed and ready to tackle your next Cape Town adventure! Backpackers from around the world will agree with that, if they have ever been to Cape Town.

With many routes to the top, the most common trail is Platteklip Gorge, a zig-zag path that can take up to 2 and a half hours to the top…. But, everyone has their own climbing time. The route is so well known because it is one of the less taxing routes that allows for an easier climb, along the contour lines instead of hiking directly up-hill.

South African police services are always there to keep the mountain routes safe. However, this is Africa and it is necessary to keep your wits about you on this mountain; here are a couple of guide lines:
– Sun screen is great, unless you want to descend from the mountain looking like a crustacean.
– Always walk with a partner (To be stranded alone for 127 hours is our worst fear)
– Make sure you take at least 2L of water per person. Energy filled snacks are another good idea.
– Keep emergency numbers listed on all national park signboards handy on your handy (Also make sure your service provider works in South Africa)

Once in a blue moon the clouds do happen to descend over Table Mountain – Causing the visibility on the mountain to decrease to a point where you could understand how it feels to be Nemo if he were living next to an oil rig! The view from the city is amazing – it seems although someone has pulled a table cloth over the mountain just before dinner was to be served.

If you are backpacking in Cape Town, I feel that you have the most essential information for tackling Table Mountain!

PS: We have the best view of Table Mountain from the Ashanti Lodge’s bar… Check it out!