raveAs a backpacker in Cape Town, it is impossible to get bored. Activities and events will be organized for you all year long. It is a mixture of festivals arranged for all kind of people!

If you would like to go to an event, Ashanti will sort you out. We know all about the new festivals and popular attractions for you as a backpacker to go to. And we can assure that there is an event in Cape Town that you would like to join, especially because there are so many different types of them.

Cape Town is well known of the large variety of theaters. Nearby Ashanti, there are six of those magical locations, each one with their own special features. The most well known is “The Fugard” that also offers Opera and dancing performances. The theatres have famous acts that are being played around the world, all year long. It is a major excitement to feel the special vibe that those theatres have. Many people come to Cape Town to visit the plays.
It is also possible to have a laugh with the cabaret shows that are being given. The genius performances that can make you laugh till you cry can be seen frequently. It is another part of the artistic scene Cape Town offers you.

Next to the artistic events there is another type, which is very popular among younger people and backpackers. I am talking about the music festivals. Thousands of people gather together in unbelievable beautiful places in nature or in the city, to have a good party. The best artists of the world come to Cape Town to have their concert there. Especially in summer, there is a concert or festival every week!

For the electronic-music fans, Cape Town in summer will be a small example of heaven for you. They have festivals for every type of electronic music and have international DJ’s flying over to give you the feeling you want.

Many bands try to create a name in the city, so you can find some very good gigs in a lot of different places. Those undiscovered musical talents will show their skills off as much as possible, giving you the proper sensation you expect from a good gig!

If you do not like the electronic, pop or rock music that much, there is still one more type of music that is very popular; Jazz. Every year there is a gigantic international Jazz festival where 35,000 people come together and share their passion for the music.

Rugby, Cricket en Football are the main sports of South Africa. The games are being adored by the entire country and are highly visited.

For your stay in Cape Town, it is more than possible for you to join one of these matches. The sporting events in the city are very popular. Just go to one of the games and you will immediately see why. For the backpackers, just ask us for the information and we will make sure, you can visit the game you want!

I hope you can understand now why you will not get bored in Cape Town. Next to these events there are always more things going on in the town. When you are coming, you are more than welcome to take a look at the website www.cometocapetown.com, their blog and website will tell you what is going on at the moment you arrive.