Have you even been this close to an elephant? These people were just relaxing by the pool when they got a surprising visit from some elephants popping in for a quick drink.

Video from the Facebook page of Honeyguide Tented Safari Camps – Khoka Moya & Mantobeni.


Elephants are fascinating creatures, but did you know that:

  • An elephant’s tusk grows throughout an elephant’s lifetime? The tusk of an adult male grow about 7 inches a year.
  • The elephant’s gestation period is circa 22 months? And that a baby elephant can weigh up to 250 pounds?
  • Elephants are highly caring and sensitive animals? They show empathy and they mourn their dead.
  • The trunk of an elephant contains more than 40,000 muscles?
  • Their trunks have ‘fingers’? Asian elephants have only one finger but the African elephants have two. That is why the African elephant is able to pick up objects by pinching the opposing tips of his trunk. Handy right?


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