South Africa is well known for her delicious food. Most of them prepared with a unique and special method that is developed over centuries of time. If you come to Cape Town and you will experience the mixture of flavours and dishes, Ashanti will help you find your restaurant. We at Ashanti know many different restaurants for backpackers that will meet all your expectations.

When the colonialism started, a mixture of new ingredients and recipes was brought into the land. But it were not those recipes of the colonial people that made the success South Africa has nowadays. It was the creativity of the people that made these extraordinary flavours and dishes. It is a mixture of the foreign and national ingredients, which creates a large variety of food.

Because the South African people have always had a very good appetite for all the different types of meat, the nation has become an expert with preparing meat in different delicious ways. It does not matter if it is beef, pork, chicken or game, they will be able to cook it all perfectly.
But please do not forget, not only the animals that can walk are the speciality, it are also the animals that can swim. Fish has always been an important food source in South Africa. And you will taste, that the people know how to cook it, or how to cut it correctly, to sell it as Sushi.

But in the big nation lays a city that is a paradise for the people who like food. Cape Town, the city for the backpacker and a place where everybody is able to enjoy their time. A large amount of foreign people stay between the city borders for pleasure or work. People that come from all over the world bring their knowledge to this city. So many, that the business in Cape Town became more international. Restaurants started to focus on all the backpackers and foreign people, to be able to fur fill the different types of appetites. That led into an even bigger variety of food. Everywhere around and in Cape Town, there are restaurants with their own character and specialities. And just to give you a quality indicator, the South African Chefs are some of the most highly regarded in the world, as are the restaurants.

The restaurants will serve meals from different countries of the world. There is a place in the centrum of the city called “La Colombe”, that has a French Cuisine. For a Moroccan kitchen you could go to “The Little Pink Chef”. For the diner to that must be eaten with the ancient wooden chopsticks you could go to “Kitima”, at the Kronendal, for an Asian type of Cuisine. “Fork” in the centrum of Cape Town, will provide you with the Spanish small dishes, called Tapas. The Italian dishes are being sold at “Giovanni’s “. If you like your food more spicy, the Indian restaurant “Bombay Brasserie” will fit your appetite. This might give you a quick impression of the variety. More important to know is that these seven restaurants have to compete with the other 6389 food selling businesses surrounding Cape Town.

If you are not able to go to the restaurants, do not worry. We, the people from Ashanti, also like to eat the amazing food, and love to share it with our backpackers, so we weekly arrange some specials, like a Potjie, a traditional African stew made with meat and vegetables and cooked over coals in cast-iron pots. Or you could have a Braai, all the equipment you need to grill your meat perfectly is here.

As you will know now, it is an amazing happening to have so many good food in one place. Because of that, I would like to invite you, to come over to Cape Town and Ashanti, and to just enjoy your meal.picture enjoy your meal (3)