What better way to get a preview of all that South Africa’s National Parks have to offer than doing a virtual tour before you travel. It will make you want to touch, feel and smell all the things this amazing country has to offer for yourself.

Check out this video below showing you a taste of the South Africa safari parks and other national parks available through google maps.

Take a self-guided safari, explore the beauty of South Africa, take a peek in all of South Africa’s 19 National Parks and 17 nature reserves online. This was made possible thanks to safari guides, park rangers and volunteers who filmed their tours through South Africa. They carried a 48-pound camera backpack with a Google 360-degree camera to film all of this beauty. Because of these video’s the world is now able to have a look in South Africa and everything it has on Street view.

You might be convinced to start planning a real-life trip to South Africa right now?

Check out the options below for safaris going to some amazing South African National Parks.

lion relaxing3 Day Pilanesberg Camping Safari