The townships of Cape Town and South Africa as a whole may come with an unfortunate image in some eyes, but there’s no reason to let their tragic beginnings define them today. From food to sports, history to arts and culture, each township has its own character and should be spoken about, explored and experienced as such, just like any other city neighbourhoods.
Thanks to many initiatives from events to tours to exciting new businesses, anybody and everybody can now go to and explore many townships, tear down barriers, make connections and really get to know the city they’re in.

Check out this video by Love Cape Town: The Neighbourhood Guide to Langa:

The Insider's Guide to Langa

You haven't really seen Cape Town until you've been to Langa. See why this area is our focus for the month in our Neighbourhood Guide to Langa: #lovecapetown

Posted by Love Cape Town on Monday, 10 July 2017

Thanks to storytelling like this, entrepreneurship and tourism initiatives run from the townships for the townships, they need not be a mystery to any visitor or resident of Cape Town any more.

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