Cape Town is on the forefront when it comes to sustainability and consciousness. Therefore sustainability and preserving the environment is intertwined with our culture of hostelling/ running an accommodation place. 

At Ashanti we believe in the sustainable future and we try our best to be as green and environmentally conscious as possible. 

Since Ashanti is an accommodation provider we acknowledge the negative footprint we set on the environment. Therefore to minimize the effects on our planet we have taken the following steps. 


  • All around the world one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and every year we use up to 5 trillion disposable plastic bags. On average 50% of the plastic we use is single use plastic and just ends up in the ocean and pollutes. 
  • Ecobricks is the solution to the plastic waste. It’s simple. The small plastic waste is packed in a big plastic bottle and is used as a brick for building. This way the brick can be re-used over and over again and the plastic can come to good use in an environmental way. 
  • Here at Ashanti we contribute to this project and gather your plastic waste to create Ecobricks. We donate them to Ecobrick Exchange.
  • Do you want to contribute? Come by reception and ask, or throw your plastic waste in the nearby Ecobrick bins and help us make the world greener and try to restore the harmonious cycle of life. 

Indoor Motion Sensor Light

  • In every room across Ashanti you will find power saving LED light bulb to cut energy consumption. In addition to this, we have installed light sensors in every bathroom and toilet to minimize the amount of electricity spend. 
  • When we revamped our bathrooms last year, we installed sensor lights so no need to walk around switching them off.
  • When you walk into the shower room or bathroom the light will come on automatically and turn off by itself a few minutes later – magic!
Sensor Light

Paper Waste

  • Recycling paper plays a big role in the environment and contributes to save trees from being cut down. 
  • Ashanti has within the last couple of years cut down their paper waste by 20% and we are still improving! 
  • We try to recycle as much as possible. The paper waste goes to a local dog shelter where it’s being shredded and used for kennels at a dog shelter.
Paper Bin

Charity Bin

Charity Bin

Heat Pumps

  • At Ashanti we have installed heat pumps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Heat pumps are internationally recognized as eco friendly and can contribute to lowering the greenhouse emissions significantly.
  • Since hot water is critical in our line of work to provide hot showers and hostel cleaning etc. for our guests, we try to make it the most environmentally right as possible. 
  • Not only can the heat pump help generate hot water and heat up the place, it can also be used for the cooling system and thereby reducing the electricity consumption and the cost on separate stand alone air conditioning systems.
Heat Pumps


  • At Ashanti we are recycling our trash. We are recycling to Recycle 1st . We are monthly monitoring how much we recycle and getting reports. This will help us to improve our recycling as we can see which initiatives are working.

Solar Energy

  • In November 2016 we installed solar panels on the roof at both the main buildings and the guesthouse to provide electricity. This because as an accommodation place we use approximately 50% more energy than a residential block of the same size.
  • Our buildings are from 1866, which means that Ashanti has its heritage status. Because of this, it has been challenging to place solar panels while preserving the charm of the old Victorian buildings. Therefore, the panels are set to maintain the old fashioned looks of the buildings while being ecologically responsible.
  • But still, most of the electricity you use at our hostel comes from the solar energy!
Solar Energy

Local Products

  • We buy all our products locally to reduce transport pollution and to ensure quality and freshness. This way you’re helping to support the local community as well!
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