Increasingly students from around the world have been discovering the gifts of working and living in Cape Town.

South Africa is a place with many stereotypes; some true and many not so true. As the years go by these are being debunked and discredited. The proof of which can be seen in the booming travel industry and the rave worldwide reviews as seen in the New York Times, the Guardian UK, the Telegraph UK and many others.

Holidays and travel are one thing, what about working and living? HSBC conducted a survey in 2013 and in terms of how South Africa compares to the rest of the world in terms of economics, experience and overall quality of life. We came in 15th, ahead of France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. See here for more detailed information

Employers in developed countries are looking for students with defining traits. Something that sets them apart from all the thousands of other graduates and South Africa is nothing short of defining! Applying, planning and experiencing a 3-month internship here in Cape Town is a total game changer. Not only is there tremendous personal growth to be had (both professionally and personally) the quality of life in Cape Town is spectacular to say the least.

Although geographically, we are ‘far’ from the rest of the world, flights can be affordable if booked ahead of time and the cost of living greatly offsets any initial travel costs. The Rand is in a great position against the Pound, the Euro and the American Dollar. Living here for 3 months is most likely much cheaper than anywhere else in the developed world.

When interning, planning is essential. This begs the question of who to partner with to set up an internship? Springleap is a Cape Town based internship agency which specializes in the delicate balance of work/play/live. This means, in addition to arranging your preferred Internship, they also provide support in the way of local orientation, accommodation, transport & tours. They are all about service and experience.

Not only are the fees very competitive, they also have a very selective and high-end black book of very eager contacts and companies looking for interns just like you!

Springleap Internship Agency
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