Raise your glass, because it is World Gin Day tomorrow (10th of June)! The gin and tonic seems like a simple drink but it is one of the most popular drinks worldwide at the moment. Cape Town isn’t falling behind in all the gin hype, think for example about our own unique Woodstock gin. Are you craving for a delicious and refreshing G&T? 

Check out this list of the hippest gin bars in Cape Town.

gin tonic

The Gin Bar

This lovely place downtown is home to the two best things in the world: chocolate and gin. In the front, you can find the Honest Chocolate bar and tucked behind you will find The Gin Bar, where they sell only gin and tonic cocktails. It is a wonderful place to come together with your friends after a busy workweek.

Mother’s Ruin

This was South Africa’s first dedicated gin bar and it’s located on Bree Street. Expect a gin list numbering more than 90 gins from around the whole world, all with a short description. Good luck with choosing your favourite one!

Daddy Cool

Daddy cool is extravagant. If you want an over the top night out, this is your place. They have a various choice on gins and one by one, they taste amazing. Daddy Cool is located on Long Street, so it is the perfect starting point of a great night out.

Stay with us at Ashanti and explore all three of these bars.

Cheers to the weekend!

Gin tonic