An exciting video of a gorgeous leopard climbing up a tree with its kill. Leopards are the least social African big cats, and are not frequently seen as they usually keep to themselves. Most of the time they hunt at night.

Leopards are capable of carrying prey much heavier than themselves. They often drag them several meters up a tree to protect the carcass against scavengers and allow the leopard to eat undisturbed for a few days.

There are circa 1000 leopards living in Kruger National Park, but an actual assessment of the leopard population is hard to make due to the fact that the mysterious cat is so rarely seen. 

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Video from the facebook page of Latest Sightings – Kruger.

Leopard climbing up a tree with its kill

Leopard climbing up a tree with its kill on the S1 this afternoon Tinged by Cindy and Chantelle

Posted by Latest Sightings - Kruger on Sunday, 21 May 2017