Africa has some of the most beautiful places on earth and the Okavango Delta is definitely at the top of the list. The Okavango Delta is an amazing place where you get to experience the African wilderness in a unique way. The sanctuary provides you access to beautiful lagoons, islands and smooth waterways. The Botswana Okavango Delta is also a fantastic safari destination, offering visitors something a little different. To have a complete experience it would be incredible to be able to do a safari in the Kruger National Park and then to stopover in the Delta. You are bound to have the best all-inclusive safari getaway possible.

Every year in the region floodwaters gush down from central Africa and pour into the Delta area to form the biggest river Delta in Africa and the world. This creates an astoundingly beautiful wetland in the midst of the desert. During peak season you will get to see a variety of wildlife in abundance, from mammals to bird life, a true safari experience. This area is especially known for its Hippos and elephants and crocodiles. Although it is best to visit in dry season, the Okavango Delta offers great game viewing throughout most of the year.

Within the Okavango Delta Area falls the Moremi Game Reserve and there are a number of ways to explore this area. The game Reserve is well-known for being a place where there are plenty of predators as well as buffalo and large herds of elephants. Around the Reserve you will also find other private reserves or what is known as ‘concessions’.

The Delta is one of the greatest and most unique game safari destinations in Africa. By taking a Safari in the Okavango Delta with its variety of animal and plant life, you are sure to spot some predators around. Lion’s, hyena’s, wild dogs and maybe even the elusive leopard. The Delta consists of a distinctive environment; it has waterways, floodplains, forest glades, grasslands and lagoons filled with water lilies. This is truly a wildlife photographer’s dream come true.

Sunset over the Okavango Delta

Since there are many waterways and lagoons, some great ways to explore these areas include motorised boats or the traditional way, in a Mokoro or dugout canoe. This is what makes the Okavango Delta such a great place to visit, the diverse terrain and habitats makes it one of the best wide-ranging safari experiences that you cannot find anywhere else.

This region is a one of a kind place to visit, but to get the best possible experience; it is a must to pick the correct time of the year for your safari. This would be just after the floods, when there is plenty of water in the area to attract the wildlife, from May to September. Maun is the gateway into the Okavango. The area also provides a variety of different accommodation options from camping to booking a spot in any of the luxury Lodges available. One of the more unique ways to view the area is to take a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta.

With everything the Okavango Delta has to offer, why not add it to your bucket list for your next African budget safari.

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Giraffes In The Okavango Delta Botswana