Plans for New Years ?  Nothing organised? Here’s a hip idea – CAPETOWN!

So nothing organised yet for NYE ?  Dare I suggest NYE at a Cape Town Backpackers?  We have a number of beds still left that you might want to “bags” before its too late.

Wander off down to your local travel agent or even better web jet it .. get yourself a fast plane to Cape Town the mother city.  You know you want to.

No Grey Skies in Cape Town .. No Snow in Cape Town… No frozen bones…

But what there is in Cape Town is a mighty fine glass or two of a top sparkling Cap Classique coming your way (its like champers Pats but better), an excellent exchange rate, an top back packers filled with joyous types like yourself, and fun.  Good solid fun.

Of course don’t leave it too late, my first NYE at a Cape Town Backpackers, I was so jet lagged I didn’t make it.. 5 minutes to go and bang out like a light, my husband watched the fireworks illuminate the harbour and the city alone.