Ashanti Party

The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Keenan and Kel. Venga Boys, Run DMC, Tamagotchi’s, oversized shirts, impossible colour combinations and ridiculous dance moves. It was all possible back in the 90’s. Because old school is still the best school sometimes you need to have a good old throwback to the good days.
This is exactly what happened in the minds of Ashanti lodge staff while organising the event. The conditions couldn’t be better, a solid sound system, a bar full of drinks, a floor big enough for the most skilled dance moves, friendly, fun and funky backpackers in Cape Town, and a camera to capture it all! All that was needed was a bar full of memory bringing decorations.

So with a room full of beautiful decoration, staff dressed like they are still stuck in the 90’s, a laptop with countless hours of 90s music and the lights which were dimmed at just the right amount it was game on for this legendary happening.

Although Ashanti is not a nightclub, you can find plenty of good nightlife within 5 minutes walk. There is always that liquid courage which takes your dance confidence to a different level. The already famous beer pong games on the pool table in Ashanti’s Kumasi bar can get you to that level pretty quickly. And this is exactly what happened. With an improvised spacious dance floor it was game on for a 90s dance off.

For some of the guests some memories are lost. But with technology which is not from the 90’s, we still have camera’s to capture the insanity of this night.
Expect more theme party’s at the Kumasi bar at Ashanti lodge in Gardens, Cape Town !