There is no doubting that Cape Town can be glorious in the sunshine, but there is a charm to rainy days in Cape Town.  There really is nothing nicer knowing that you can bring it down a notch when you are travelling because that rain cloud isn’t going away today.  So what to do in Cape Town on a rainy day or a day when you can’t do any more sun?

  • Well there is the aquarium at the waterfront.  There are fishes, penguins (too cute), sharks and other marine folk just waiting for you to go have a look at them.  Cape Town’s aquarium is one of the best  and has a lot of creatures from our part of the world, so go have a looksee.
  • If you know ahead of time that the weather is going to be blah, have a spa day.  There are quite a few day spa places around town – ask at reception for recommendations.
  • Go shopping! Cape Town is home to one of the biggest shopping centres in the southern hemisphere canal walk.  Even if you don’t buy anything its always fun to look.
  •  Go to the grocery store.  There is nothing more interesting than going to a food store in another country.  What delights await you?  You never know till you go look!  Cape town grocers often have wonderful sushi to take away too.
  • Go to any of our wonderful museums or galleries. or
  • Chill, relax and go see a movie down at the waterfront .. you are on holidays after all and with all that rain you can’t possible do anything else!

Or else you can just hang out with the other Cape Town Backpackers in the bar and make friends 🙂