It was around 11am that our boat arrived to finally face the Great White Shark.
After a scrumptious light breakfast the group of around 20 soon-to-be shark cage divers had no idea what to expect, including myself. A little 15 minute rocking boat trip and we were dressing up in 7ml thick wet suits to help brave the freezing Atlantic waters, followed by the big jump into our cage. It took a total of less than a minute for our first shark sighting, during the dive we spotted over 10 sharks.

The largest of the Great Whites was a female over 4.5 meters, she breached through the water and smashed her snout into the cage 30cm away from my own face!

It was one jawesome experience that I would recommend to any1 who happens to be spending holiday in backpacking in Cape Town.

Shark Cage Diving