South Africa vs Australia.Who’s the winner? you decide!

In this video, a comedic aim is taken at some of the most beloved Australian icons. It is a call to all the South Africans in Australia to come home, if only for a holiday.

Calling all South Africans in Australia.

Calling all South Africans in Australia. It’s time to come home - if only for a holiday. But why bother? Let us show you. #WowSouthAfrica #ComeHomeBru

Posted by South African Tourism AU on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

In the video, our beloved Table Mountain is compared with their famous Uluru rock. Our rock looks over the Mother City while their rock looks over nothing but desert and stones. It shows both our beaches, the Aussie beach in the winter when it is storming and our Camps Bay in the middle of the summer with a clear blue sky and the 12 apostles rocking it in the background.

Our sporting spirit animal the elegant Springbok is being compared with their spirit animal the kangaroo. The video even teases about the BBQs of Australians, comparing our delicious braais with huge pieces of steaks and sausages with their sausage on a small white bread with way too much tomato sauce.  And the price of South Africa’s beer to Australian beer is compared, what a difference, it’s almost free here!

The last comparison is the Australian Big 5 versus the South African Big 5. And well, I think you can fill this one in for yourself…

In conclusion, this is just another video about the most beautiful country of the world (talking about South Africa eh, don’t get confused now). Just watch this video from South African Tourism and see for yourself.