What a South African Safari is really about.

As a backpacker looking for budget accommodation options and tours in South Africa, you will inevitably find yourself assessing a Safari at some point. For some it is to find their own version Lion King, for others it is an essential to preserve the memory of South Africa’s endangered wildlife we share today. Whatever your reason, there are a couple of things that will make your Safari in South Africa a little easier as a backpacker in cape town…

Starting with a couple of items that you should remember to pack from home:

-The classic binoculars, come on Sir Francis Burton.

-A couple of replacement batteries for your latest gear.

-Plenty of sun screen, it’s my bit of advice to the class of 99.

-Believe it or not, toilet paper can be known as White Gold at times – make sure you bring a roll!

-One bottle of non-toxic insect repellent. Think mosquitoes and flies, not cockroaches…

-Some courage to face a South African Safari.

Climates can vary with the African sun that can push the temperature up to 30+ degrees Celsius in summer. So plan your safari by season:

October to February is peak rain & summer season – this causes animals to disperse across the plain instead of gathering around water holes. You will find the vegetation to be at it’s most beautiful stage, flowering and blooming. However these factors cause limited visibility when viewing game, at the same time allow for an erratic viewing of most predators! This is also a great time of year for birding.

Fast forward to April & May – things have gotten a lot colder now as autumn shifts to winter and rainfall drops dramatically after the astounding safari sunsets, so you can expect a much dryer cold. Most wildlife is now in peak condition, however spotting game is a lot harder as movements are scarce due to seasonal shifts.

July & August are months that game spotting peaks – Nights are cold and the days are warming with minimal to no rain at all. Look for water holes to spot the most game and don’t forget to check out the Yellow hue that dominates the bush (sjambok pod and knob thorns).

So if you are a backpacker looking for accommodation in South Africa and are considering partaking in a Safari, then look no further than Ashanti Lodge. We have many game farms and reserves less than 3hours drive, which makes for an exciting 1 day safari or 3 days of bushveld action!

Come on little Lion Man!
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