For you as a backpacker coming to Cape Town, something majestic will be waiting here for you. Even though Cape Town is a city that offers so much different types of entertainment for the people, it still gives some amazing shows, provided by Mother Nature herself.
Actually, the show starts twice a day; early in the morning and in the beginning of the night. Every day the amazing spectacle repeats itself, without giving you the same view twice. It is the most unique and surprising show you will get in Cape Town, without paying a single penny.
Seeing the sunset and sunrise, are activities that the people do frequently. It seems that there is no person living in the metropolis that gets bored with it. It makes the day start and end on a way that is very special.
If you are in the city and you will look to the direction of the sea, you will notice that there are several mountains blocking your view. Table Mountain, Lions Head, Devils Peak and the Signal Hill are raising high into the sky in the middle of the city. With their highest points and peaks that cut into the clouds as a sharp blade and change the normal structure of the visible mass of liquid droplets, into a uncommonly shaped view that decorates the atmosphere of Cape Town.  The mountains and the clouds sometimes seem to look like they were made for each other.
As when the more heavily weight clouds try to cross over Table Mountain, they just crawl over the top and cover the entire straight area of the mountain and that is when they say “The Tablecloth covers the mountain”.

This relationship between the mountains and the clouds happens very often. This wonder that nature provides us, is actually just the beginning of the show. It is the part where they warm everybody up for the real spectacle, to let the people know; you will be offered a good performance, come and see.
Because when the sun starts setting or starts raising her colorful rays of powerful light shine true the clouds and it shades the mountains.  Until the red glow from the center planet of our Solar System fills the sky with colors and shadows that revolves into a magnificent feeling for all the people of Cape Town, which cannot be described. It has to be seen.

It is possible to join the other backpackers and climb the mountains to see it on another level. You can also see the city turning from the “day life” to the “nightlife” mode.
Next to sitting on the mountains and enjoying the view, there are also lots of different bars and restaurants that offer a perfect view on the sea side for a romantic and amazing sunset or sunrise.

But as you will expect from us, Ashanti has her own deck where the people like to lounge and hangout to see the sun falling behind the mountains and start coloring the clouds. We offer the most relaxed cocktails and beverages that suit the chilled vibe for the summer times and give some special made hot chocolate for the winter.  So please come and join us for the next sunset of sunrise and we will make sure that the experience is as good as you expected!

For the time schedules of all the shows, you can take a look on the following link: