Overland tours come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the more luxurious trips where you stay in your own private room and are cooked for each day, to the really hands on camping trip for people who are looking for a more adventurous tour and everything else in between. In this blog, we will be talking about the things that make an overland tour exhilarating and a truly unique experience. We hope that this will help you when choosing the overland tour that best suites you.

Adventure activities

Most overland tours offer activities that will make your adrenaline pump and arm hair stand straight up. These activities come in all kinds of blood pressure rising forms from sandboarding from giant Namibian dunes, to bungee jumping of the Zambian bridge. African overland trips offer excursions for lovers of heights, speed junkies and water babies. Do you want to feel the rush of meeting a Great White shark or even a crocodile face to face in South African waters? Or do you want to feel the wind going through your hair after jumping out of a plane or while speeding through white water on a raft in Zimbabwe? With all this adventure, it is also important to relax a bit and why not do that at a beach in Malawi at one of the biggest lakes of Africa. It’s all possible while on an African overland adventure.

 adventure activities

Wild animals galore

Always wanted to wrestle with a lion or a gorilla? Well that isn’t possible, but you can see them from up close. Southern and Eastern Africa is filled with Nature parks where wild animals can be viewed in their natural habitat. From the big 5 in the Kenya, to beautiful birds, and from crocodiles, to meerkats Botswana, you can find it all in these amazing parks. If you want to see gorillas from close by you will have to travel to East Africa, to Uganda to be precise. Here you will find Lake Bunyonyi, the deepest lake of Africa. In the jungle around the lake, you will be able to find gorillas. These amazing creatures live here in the wild and can be seen in their natural habitat. You can even visit colourful fishes at their underwater home during a diving excursion in Mozambique.

wild animals


Are you a fan of camping and do you want to take it to the next level? Than travel with us through Africa and camp at the most amazing spots. Sitting around the campfire next to sandy dunes, setting up camp at an open spot in the jungle or Sleeping under the stars next to the Chobe river filled with wild animals . These are real camping stories to tell your friends. When you are ready for a bit more relaxation, take rest in a beautiful beach hut on the tropical island of Zanzibar. Even for inexperienced campers these tours are great adventures. Every overland tour is accompanied by experienced guides, to make sure all goes well.

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Our top picks

Each overland tour has some kind of adventure on its own, but some are more exhilarating than others. We at Ashanti Travel Online have a couple of our favourite overland safaris when it comes to adventure and adrenalin activities. One of these is the Cape Town to Victoria Falls overland tour. This tour is filled with beautiful camping spots in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and of course Zimbabwe. This tour, filled with all kinds of beautiful landscapes, also provides enough enjoyment for adrenaline junkies and animal lovers. With animal reserves, all along the route you will be able to see the big 5 and a host of other animals you would expect to see in Africa. For adrenaline junkies, there are a lot of optional activities like Sandboarding, quad biking, bungy jumping and plenty more to get your adrenaline pumping.
Another adventurous overland tour that is high on our list is the Vic falls to Nairobi overland tour. This tour that goes carries on from where the Cape Town to Vic falls left off, takes you through gorgeous Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. It is during this tour that you can visit colourful fish while diving, visit the Snake Parks and see the big 5 roaming the Serengeti. This tour is also perfect if you would like to relax a bit after all the adrenaline activities, with visits to the beaches of Zanzibar and Lake Malawi.
Last but certainly not least is the 9-day gorilla safari. As the name suggests, during this tour you get the possibility of visiting mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Other stops along the way include the Masai Mara Reserve and Lake Bunyoni. During the gorilla trek, you will be with a small group. This will make the experience even better, because it will be easier to move and find the gorillas.
You can even combine all these adventures in one big overland trip. With the 56 Day Cape Town to Nairobi and Gorillas you will go all the way from Cape Town to Nairobi with a detour through Uganda. This is the ultimate African adventure, including all of the above-named adventures in one epic adventure tour.

mokoro sunset cruise

As you can see there is enough adventure to be found in Africa. Almost all overland trips give you the possibility of doing something exciting. If you prefer an overland trip that is a bit more relaxed Why not try the 8 day Mozambique Escape and enjoy beaches galore. If you have a crazy day and want your adrenaline rushed during your trip, you can often go on an optional activity. If you want more information about overland tours and want to see the different kinds of overland tours that are on offer, click here.