Whilst travelling, there are many many reasons why you would choose a particular place to stay in Cape Town, but should you decide on Ashanti Lodge Gardens Backpackers your choice of accommodation will be vindicated once you enter the infamous “loo with a view” – amongst other things of course.
The owners have recognised the appeal of the iconic Table Mountain and have made various strategic improvements to capitalise on that magnificent view.  The most obvious major hurdle was the actual throne itself.  It has been elevated and placed in the most suitable position for mountain watching.  The mosaics on the walls are an abstract version of the mountain including the cableway station at the very top.
But the most wonderful addition to this room has to be the binoculars mounted just under the window.  This thoughtful touch definitely allows users to make the most of this unique opportunity to sit and ponder and gaze whilst doing the necessary.
The size of the room allows for at least 4 people to comfortably share it, so I am sure that many a “mini party” has been had in that room with many photographic opportunities.
Luke Barclay has written books on Loos with Views from his travels all over the world and our Table Mountain view has made his second edition called Good Loo Hunting.  He is continuing to seek out and document the best loos with a view of Planet Earth.  You can find more info on Luke and his mission at http://www.looswithviews.com/.    There was also an article published in a local newspaper about our loo.
We have kind of spoilt the element of surprise by sharing this with you, but maybe it will sway your mind when making that decision about which backpackers to stay in Cape Town.