A stay in Cape Town is always filled with cool things to do, but not all these activities have to take a chunk out of your wallet. We have compiled a list of 20 fun things to do during your stay in Cape Town, which won’t cost you much more than R100. This is the equivalent to £5,- €6,- and $7,- and should be on the itinerary when visiting Cape Town on a budget.  There are even some awesome free things to do in Cape Town. We have split the list into two parts consisting of 10 activities each, so we won’t overwhelm you with too many ideas at once.

1.    Hike up Lions Head or sunset picnic at Signal Hill

One of the things you can’t miss while visiting Cape Town are the views from Lions Head and Signal hill. What makes these views so great is the panoramic vistas that include Table Mountain. Start your day with the hike up Lions Head, the hike is roughly an hour to the top, with some climbing of chain ropes right at the end. Signal hill is at the base of Lions head and has plenty of places to picnic and watch the sunset over the Atlantic ocean. Check out our blog for more details on the Lions Head hike.

Costs: There is no costs to climb Lions Head.

Lions head

2.    Explore V&A Waterfront with a historical tour

The V&A Waterfront is the most visited place of Cape Town. It is a place filled with old buildings, lots of shopping, beautiful boats and plenty of mouth-watering food available at numerous different cafés and restaurants. If you would like to take a tour of the harbour and learn something about its history, grab a flyer from the information centre and start your walk.

Costs: Free, the flyers are available free of charge.

3.    Promenade Mondays

The “Promenade Mondays” is a weekly event at the Sea Point Promenade to celebrate the lifting of the skate ban on the promenade. Join in with your skates, skateboard, longboard or even your BMX for a ride along the waters edge with like minded people and beautiful sunsets. The Promenade Mondays start at Queens Beach Parking lot every Monday at 6pm. Apart from Mondays though the promenade is always a great place to go for a walk or ride along the ocean.

Costs: The event itself is free, but make sure to bring something to drink, especially on warm days.

view of Cape Town from he Air

4.    Free city walks

The free city walk is a great way to get to know the city and its history. There are three different tour routes on offer that start from Greenmarket Square. You can choose between a historic tour, a District 6 tour or a Bo-Kaap tour. All these tours are free and leave daily at 11am, 2pm and 4:20pm. Just look for the green umbrella with the Free City Walks sign on it and you’re ready to go.

Costs: as the title states, this is free of charge


5.    Tour of Newlands Brewery

A great alternative to a wine tour, is to  head to Newlands Beer Brewery for some delicious beer tasting. The brewery brews 9 different beers and will show you the process of making them from start to finish. The tour also includes a tasting and only costs you R80.

Costs: The tour with tasting included, costs R80.


6.    The Labia theatre

The Labia theatre is the oldest independent art film house of South Africa. If you are looking for an art film, foreign film, historic cinema or an independent movie, then make your way to 68 Orange Street. The Labia theatre as teamed up with the Ocean Basket, Diva Café and Knead to offer you a great two for one, dinner and movie special for two people.

Costs: The movie and meal specials are between R99 and R110 for two people, depending on the restaurant you choose.


7.    Penguin watching at Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach is located toward the end of Simon’s Town. The beach is the perfect place to swim and watch penguins because of its natural protection from the wind and large waves. The ancient boulders along the sides of the beach make it the perfect closed off paradise it is. The beach falls under the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and so is kept clean.

Costs: the entrance fee for the beach is R65

8.    Monday evening, comedy night at Sgt Pepper

Head down to Longstreet on a Monday evening to check out Sgt Pepper’s comedy night. Both local and international comedians can be seen here and provide great entertainment for you. The entrance is R40 and after the comedy night the DJ starts playing tunes, so you can hit the dance floor and show everybody your moves.

Costs: Entrance is R40. Any drinks you order come on top of the entrance fee.


9.    The Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill

Missing the old days where you would go to a market to buy locally produced products and could have a chat with random people? The Neighbourgoods Market was brought alive for this purpose. Apart from finding delicious home made goods, there is also live music, a beer tent, snacks, souvenirs and even clothing at the old brick warehouse located at The Biscuit Mill. The Neighbourgoods market is open every Saturday from 9am until 2pm.

Costs: The Neightbourgoods Market doesn’t have an entrance fee but with such yummy things on offer you will definitely want to bring some cash.


10.    Surfing at Muizenberg Beach

A visit to Cape Town isn’t complete without shredding some waves. The best place to do so is Muizenberg Beach located just South of the city. The area is filled with Surf shops, where you can rent a board and a wetsuit. The beaches themselves are awesome and the water is much warmer than you would find in the city due to it being located in False Bay. Just hop on the southern train line at Cape Town central station and get off at Muizenberg station, it is as simple as that.

Costs: The rental of your board and wetsuit will add up to around R100, this depends on he surf shop you go to.
travel costs: If you buy a tourist-pass you can hop on and off the train the whole day for R30.


Even on a tiny budget Cape Town has a lot to offer and definitely is a place you will have to tick off your bucket list. If you are looking for a place to stay in Cape Town, check out Ashanti Lodge to enquire about a room at one of our budget lodges. If you are looking for a more serious trip take a look at Ashanti Travel Online for information on Cape Town Day Tours and other great holiday packages.

Part 2 of the list exists out of 10 more things to do on a budget. To go to part 2 of the list click here.