Choices, choices and choices. Life is full of it and at some point you don’t even know what to do with them.  Of course as a traveller or tourist you are again forced to make choices. But you don’t want the choice to jeopardize your stay and to make it regretful.  Making choices like that as a traveller, keywords like comfort, privacy, and finances pop in mind. But how to we deal with the choices?

We know that as Ashanti Backpackers Lodge we don’t make it easy for you guys. As if it wasn’t hard enough finding a proper Cape Town accommodation we are again making it harder for you to make a decision how you want to optimise your stay. 6-bedded male dormitories, 6-bedded female dormitories 8-bedded mixed dormitories, double rooms, single rooms, en-suite, camping site and yes.. Family rooms! Spread over premises in Gardens and Green point, life sure could be made easier for you to make choices.. But look at the bright side; you are not forced to stay in an accommodation which you choice has been made for you.

Therefore, when you are alone and travelling sure you can go for comfort in a double room, or even go crazy and have the spacious family room all for yourself! Or you can choose for a 6-bedded or 8-bedded dorm in which you will find many crazy, funky, friendly and fun backpackers. And in some cases it also enriches your sense of unpredictability (Falling down from a bunk bed isn’t highly recommended though..). Not to mention it also highly affordable!

Feeling romantic and finally made the decision to take the miss’s on a honeymoon? Surely you need and want some privacy (I know I would). And what better way to put the cherry on the top then with a room designed for couples who need that little extra. Pool sided double rooms is what you need!  And following in line of the previous: this next one goes to all of the guys: failed to please the misses on anniversaries, Valentines Day or even birthdays? (Because let’s be honest, we have all been there). We’ve got something specially designed for that. The en-suite. Why go for comfort if you can go for luxury while you are spending the high days of your love and life in beautiful Cape Town?  Let’s face it. Putting you on the spot for choices isn’t what we do. We offer a wide range of facilities which is going to make your stay more pleasant, social, comfortable and highly affordable. We got a room for any kind of guests. So.. to bunk or not to bunk remains the question..

Just for the record, Hamlet didn’t stay here.. shame for him though!