You feel like you’ve already been to all those great restaurants in Cape Town or you are just on a small budget but still want to treat yourself with good food? Here are our top 5 traveller meals to cook for backpackers in Cape Town (or anywhere else):

#1 Braai

The mother of all South African meals! What? You don’t know what Braai means? Ahhhh right… you weirdos overseas call it Barbecue. Well, over here you have to follow some braaing rules as there are:
• Use wood – not coal!
• Respect the braai master (and make sure he always has a cold drink)
• You think you know better than the braai master how to prepare the meat? – Bite your tongue and keep it for yourself!
On an original braai goes for example boerewors (traditional sausages), steaks, sweet corn or braai broodjies (sandwiches). Make sure your backpackers accommodation in Cape Town has a braaing area (by the way… Ashanti Lodge in Gardens got two and almost every day at least one of them is in use).

#2 Wraps

Well, wraps aren’t that easy to prepare when you are alone since you’ll need to buy a lot of stuff. So get some friends to chip in, get salad, veggies, sauce, cheese and maybe some Chicken, Tuna or Beef and start rolling them up. It’s healthy and fresh!

#3 Risotto

Sounds like Italian high class cuisine but it’s way easier to cook than you would expect. The good thing about risotto is that you can prepare it in only one pan (plus a bowl or pot for the stock), which makes it suitable for camping stoves. You can vary your risotto from meat to veggie and from savory to sweet.

#4 One Pot Pasta

We know how much you love washing dishes so let’s stick to one pot dishes. One pot pasta was invented by an American lifestyle magazine (owned by Martha Steward) in 2013 and splashed all over the internet within a few weeks. By now there are plenty of one pot pasta recipes so just pick your favorite one or create your own.

#5 Soups

The good thing about soups is that you can put pretty much everything in there. So it’s perfect for leftover veggies or meat. Don’t be afraid to prepare a big pot… leftovers taste even better the next day!