Are you craving for sushi but are you wondering where the best sushi in Cape Town is? We are very spoilt for choice when it comes to sushi restaurants here in town. Check out our favorite sushi spots:


Willoughby & Co – V&A Waterfront

This place may be not the most fancy or scenic restaurant to eat at but it is definitely one of the tastiest places to eat sushi in Cape Town. Willoughby is based in the middle of the V&A shopping center but if you want a little bit more privacy, there is also seating inside the restaurant at the counters. They have a very extensive menu but if you are here for sushi, you are at the right spot. Willoughby is very popular among both locals and visitors. You can’t make a reservation so expect a small queue but they do provide you with a nice free glass of wine while you wait. And please, try the ebi tempura. I promise you, it is the best ebi tempura you will ever eat.


Beluga – Greenpoint

One of our favorite spots at the moment! The sushi is more than delicious at this place and the restaurant has a fancy vibe. They have an extensive menu full of authentic and modern sushi. Try the tempura prawn on top and the finger licking good volcano roll with cucumber on the side instead of rice. Currently they are running the 100 Days of Happiness! Sushi for half of the price every day! 


Sushi Box – Kloof Street

After eating loads of sushi at this place you can literally roll your way back to Ashanti because Sushi Box is just around the corner from Ashanti Gardens! The sushi at this place is fresh, tastey, well priced and the portions are quite big. In conclusion: great value for your money! We love the vibe at Sushi Box and the staff are very friendly and efficient. If you are a fan of prawns, try the Tiger Box it’s so good.


1890 House – Observatory

Are you looking for quality sushi for a decent price? Don’t look any further and take a trip to 1890 House Sushi and Grill in Observatory. The place can be described as cosy with an ambient atmosphere and very friendly staff. You can sit at the rotating sushi belt and pick whatever you like or you can sit at one of the other many seating options and order a delicious platter. Even vegetarians can eat their hearts out at 1890 House as they have a 14-piece vegetarian platter!


Kyoto Garden Sushi – Kloof Nek

Do you have anything special to celebrate? Consider celebrating it at this wonderful place with some of the best sushi in the city. It was the named the best Asian restaurant in 2014. Many people say that this is the place where you can eat the best Japanese food in South Africa. We recommend ordering the Chef’s Creation, eat and enjoy.


Pick up those chopsticks and enjoy!