Most of the backpackers in Cape Town are enjoying a lot of those good restaurants and bars over here. Well, of course you should try as many of them as possible but if it isn’t one of your travelling goals to gain weight you should better work out! So here are Ashanti’s top 10 workouts in for backpackers in Cape Town.

#1 Hiking Table Mountain/ Lions Head

How about doing a Table Mountain hike? There are various tracks leading up there. So whatever your fitness level is you will find one.
If you don’t have time to hike Table Mountain why don’t you just climb Lions Head? It should take you an hour or less to get to the top. Some people even say the view is better than the one from Table Mountain.

#2 Tai Chi

Collect your voucher at our travel desk and attend a Tai Chi class @jing-an wellness sanctuary (just across the road of Ashanti Lodge in Gardens) from as little as R50. Beginners are welcome!

#3 Play Football

Football is bringing people from all over the world together and usually locals love it as much as backpackers in Cape Town. So get a crowd, go to the closest park, set up some goals and play like back in the days!

#4 Outdoor Gym in Sea Point

The outdoor gym at sea point promenade opened in 2011. It’s perfect to combine a workout there with a run around the promenade.

#5 BMF

British Military Fitness (BMF) sounds tough. Well, it is! But don’t worry it is designed to be suitable for every fitness level. Be prepared to push yourself to your physical limits!

The first session is free so check it out!

#6 Cycling 

Cycling is a good way to work out in Cape Town especially since you can challenge yourself on various uphill tracks.
In case you don’t have access to an own bike you can rent one with “Up Cycles” at one point and drop it of at another. Their drop off points reaching  from the CBD all the way to Camps Bay. It’s not only good to work out it’s also perfect to get around.

#7 Yoga

Yoga is quite popular in Cape Town. Find a studio close by and check it out!

#8 Climbing

Climbing is a good exercise for all parts of your body. You can climb indoors or outdoors at Table Mountain and Lions Head.

#9 Surfing

South Africa is one of the most popular surfing destinations worldwide. If you don’t have any experience there is a various number of surfing schools around Cape Town where you can learn it. Surfing is probably one of the most fun workouts ever.

#10 Swimming

There are lots of public swimming pools in Cape Town. The closest to Ashanti Gardens is probably the Long Street Bath. Swimming is considered to be one of the most effective ways to exercise since you move your whole body. So check them out or just jump in the Ocean (if you don’t mind the temperatures).