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Totally encircled by South Africa, the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is bordered on the Eastern side by the majestic Drakensberg mountain range.  This great escarpment, the Mountain of Dragons, between Lesotho and South Africa’s province of Kwa Zulu Natal, offers visitors wonderful budget friendly options to explore.

The only way to access Lesotho over the Drakensberg is via the Sani Pass and this is only possible via a spectacular 4 x 4 track which snakes its way across the escarpment into the clouds and Lesotho.

Lesotho is home to primarily the Basotho people whose mountain culture has been compared to that of the people of Tibet.  Traditional huts are scattered across the mountains, goat herders are seen everywhere and agriculture is still done the old way with ox ploughs and hand hoes.

A typical day trip includes a drive from the top of Sani Pass, into Lesotho via the Black Mountain Pass and through the Sehonghong valley.  Pony trekking on the stocky Lesotho breed of horses, is a highlight and local villagers guide one along secluded trails in the mountains.  Options to spend the night in traditional huts (rondavels) are available. Those not so fond of these four legged creatures can enjoy a trip to a rural village and school.  Beautiful woven works, fabric and beadwork is perfect as a keepsake or gift back home.

A memorable experience is drinks at the Sani Top Chalet which is known to be the highest pub in Africa!

Hiking is a popular activity in these rugged mountains and many guided hiking options are available.  Excellent swimming rock pools, waterfalls and even Bushman arts are sighted as you explore this unique landscape.

Winter is Lesotho transforms the country and mountains into a magical wonderland of snow and ice.  Skiing and snowboarding options are available.

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lesotho drakensburg
410, 2017

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