Lake Malawi


The third largest lake in Africa, spreading across three countries, is the spectacular Lake Malawi. First “discovered” by the famed explorer Dr David Livingstone, this massive freshwater lake is 365 miles at it widest.

The Lake Malawi National Park is a prestigious World Heritage Site and impressively takes up almost a third of Malawi itself. One may feel like they are on an island holiday when staying at this beautiful location due to the abundance of palm trees, stunning white sandy beaches and not even being able to view land across the large mass of crystal clear water.

Wildlife in this region is impressive hosting small mammals such as antelope and baboons which are spotted regularly. It is also home to hippos, crocodiles, lots of birdlife and a large variety of fish.

This massive lake is a very important part of Malawi’s economy in terms of fishing and tourism. There are many magical villages scattered along the lakes shore and it is perfect to stay in one of these untouched regions for those wanting a less flashy touristic holiday. Keep in mind that the south is more populated than the north, but both regions’ nature and landscape still remain picturesque and intact.

Activities on Lake Malawi include boat cruises, kayaking, sailing and water-skiing on the majestic fresh water lake. There are loads of tropical fish to spot, hence being popular for those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling. Horse riding is also a major attraction, with sunset rides being a highlight amongst travellers.

Friendly locals, ice cold local beers, a laid back and relaxed culture is what you’re going to get when travelling to this unique setting. Daily dhow rides to exquisite venues such as Mumbo and Likoma Islands would be encouraged.

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