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A hidden and untouched gem of South Africa is the less commonly visited West Coast, a completely different coast line compared to the East coast. It is a unique area with an abundance of natural beauty on offer. The West Coast runs along the Western and Northern Cape provinces of the country and hugs the cool Atlantic Ocean. It is not as densely populated as many other regions in South Africa and in some areas you will have to travel 100’s of kilometres before seeing a new town or village.

Vegetation is unique to this coastline and it is the proud home to the South African national flower, the Protea which is part of the fynbos family. During Spring, locals and foreigners flock to this region to witness the blooming of the wild flowers which is Mother Nature at her best. From the coast through up north to the picturesque towns of Namaqualand, this area is literally covered like a carpet in different shapes, colours and forms of flora for hundreds of kilometres.

The wildlife is also very impressive in this region – from whale watching in season to visiting the West Coast National Park that hosts a variety of buck, baboons as well as the rare mountain zebra – it’s a must see area for true nature lovers.

Towns to visit in this area are Langebaan which is a fast growing seaside village that has a massive lagoon perfect for fishing, all water sports (particularly kite-surfing) and swimming.  Paternoster is a smaller and more rustic fisherman’s town known for its fresh seafood, rugged yet stunning terrain and likened to villages on the Greek islands due to its white cottages.

Heading a bit more inland is the Cederberg Mountain Range and Nature Reserve, an area like no other in South Africa and a hiker’s paradise. Cederberg was a name given by locals due to the cedar trees that once were abundant in this region but are now endangered. The wildlife is also something worth bragging about, with rare animals such as the honey badger, aardvark, wild cat, lynx, Cape fox and leopards being regularly spotted. Activities here include quad and mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, rock climbing and viewing rock art dated over 1000 years back.

For more stunning scenery and adventure activities, head north to the majestic Orange River. It is the largest river in South Africa and runs through Namibia and Lesotho as well. In the Northern Cape part of the Orange river, activities such as white river rafting, canoeing and fly fishing are highlights.

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2006, 2019

West Coast Adventures

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Hello, My name is Amber, and I am a French student who lives in Paris. I study Marketing and Communications, and I came to Cape Town in the intent of doing a 3-month internship at Ashanti Lodge and Travel. I had the privilege to join the West Coast Adventure tour. In this blog, I would like to share my fantastic experience. In the hope of inspiring you to do something a bit different and visit the west coast of South Africa. It is a beautiful place which is often forgotten, yet it deserves to be seen and explored. [...]

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Woman’s Month in South Africa

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In South Africa we commemorate Women through out the month of August as a tribute to the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on the 9th August 1956. The march was in protest of the extension of Pass Laws to women that would prevent them from moving freely within South Africa. The Government of South Africa declared August women’s month and the 9th of August is celebrated annually as Women’s Day. In celebration of South African Woman’s Month we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT on all female shared dormitories. Valid for DIRECT bookings only: Email [email protected] [...]

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Do you need any more convincing? It’s official – Route 62 is the world’s best road trip – that’s according to a poll by CNN Travel. The world’s longest wine route takes you from Cape Town through some immense scenery, quirky bars and quaint shops along the N1, through part of the Klein Karoo and ultimately to the unbeatable Garden Route along the South Coast. With activities as adrenalin-filled as ziplining and rock-climbing, to top spas, art and history tours and wineries, there’s truly something for everyone. Explore the alcoholic beverage capital of the country, Robertson, home to the [...]

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Top Winter Destinations in South Africa

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From the month of May till the September it is winter in South Africa. But don’t think that the winter isn’t a good time to visit the most beautiful country on the planet. Visiting South Africa in the winter is amazing and some things are even better in the winter! Think about safaris. In the North the winter is dry and by far the best time to spot wildlife as there is limited water supply. So the animals have to go to water holes to drink, if you are lucky you can spot lots of animals [...]

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