What started off as a bit of a rained-out safari ended with the most spectacular and special sight.

Its a rainy day in the Kruger National Park and in the distance a female elephant is giving birth to a new calf. Immediately after the calf is born, the rest of the herd come together to admire and protect the new member of the family. They celebrate the birth by waving their ears and trumpeting.

A new born calf weighs about 120 kilograms (250 pounds) at birth and stands about three feet tall. A baby elephant can’t see very well at first but recognize its mother by touch, scent and sound. The female elephant’s gestation period will last around 23 months. The interval between births is 4 to 5 years and calf’s will stay with their mother for 3 to 4 years. The male elephants will start mating between the age of 12 and 15 years. Birthing occurs most frequently at night which is what makes this video during the day even more special.

Southern Africa is rich with elephants living in the area. South Africa and Botswana are two of the best places to spot Elephants in their natural habitat.

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