Isn’t this amazing? Look how this family of elephants is heading for water together!

Elephants are known as social animals and a typical elephant family usually comprises around 6 to 12 individuals elephants, but can expand to a larger group of 20. The group will be in charge by one female elephant. The family of elephants will split up into smaller groups if the size of the family becomes too big. This decision depends on the amount of food in the area, but luckily this happy family is still together.

Watch this video to see these beautiful animals and make sure you spot the two little elephants!

Herd of elephants heading to the dam

11:00 Elephant jamboree at Girivan Dam S12, 450m from the S40 Near Satara "Over 50 came to drink, trumpeting and fighting for water. In moving from getting images of them walking along the path to the dam to the trough we missed the best shot of one of the adults lifting and hurling a youngster into the air." Tinged by Peter Craig-Cooper

Posted by Latest Sightings - Kruger on Tuesday, 5 September 2017

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