This is the story of a French couple who were discourage by family and friends from visiting South Africa because of the safety, or actually rather the lack of safety. Anyway, Michel Vespasien and Pauline Bachel really wanted to go on an adventure and booked their trip despite what everyone (who had never been to South Africa) told them. 18 days of travelling through South Africa resulted in great memories, amazing views and peaceful landscapes which are all filmed in the video below.

Watch the amazing video of their beautiful South African road trip below.

This is what Michel Vespasien and Pauline Bachel have to say about why they made this amazing video:

“We wanted to visit South Africa so much, but was sometimes worried about the security over there. Friends and families told us that South Africa was so insecure and that we shouldn’t go to this country without a operator tour. But we decided to go anyway and visit this amazing country.”
“I also decided to record a small movie about our journey to show our friend how amazing it was. So this movie is about our journey (18days) through South Africa, From Johannesburg to Drakensberg and also Lesotho, the Kingdom in the sky!”

Of course, South Africa has areas which are not safe, but it also has plenty of areas which are just as safe as anywhere in the Western World.. Simply be aware of your surroundings and you can have an amazing time in one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse places in the world.. In the end Michel Vespasien and Pauline Bachel enjoyed an excellent and safe trip and are encouraging others to see things by yourself and not to let fear rule life.

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