My name is Amber, I am a French student that’s lives in Paris. I am a student in Marketing and Communications and I came to Cape Town in the intent of doing a 3-month internship at Ashanti Lodge and Travel. I had the privileged to join the West Coast Adventure tour and I would like to share my fantastic experience with you, hoping it will persuade you to do something a bit different and visit the west coast of South Africa. It is a beautiful place that too often forgotten about, yet it deserves to be seen and explored.

Packed with jaw-dropping sights, wonderful wildlife, adventurous activities but also great cultural knowledge, the West Cost is worth your time, and that’s a guarantee. Here is a little resume of some of the activities that are available.

Lion painting

Atlantis Dunes

The Atlantis Dunes is a place where there are kilometers and kilometers of sand and dunes, it is truly the home of adventure! You can quad- bike, Motorbike, and even sandboard! For those who want to admire the landscape, there is also the possibility to walk around the dunes and take pictures. On a clear day you can even see Table mountain sitting above Robben Island.

Atlantis Dunes west coast

!Khwa Ttu

!Khwa Ttu (pronounced “Kwa Too” but starting with the Xhosa click) is an incredible lodge and heritige museum. Not only is the place beautiful but there is so much to learn about the sand people considered to be  one of the first men and woman on earth. The lodge has a heritage center, the only one in the world where you get to learn about sand people’s culture and traditions all the way through time, which is a very interesting experience. Additionally, they not only teach us about San people culture but they also train the remaining few San people to give them experience in different domains so that they can learn to fend for themselves once they go back home. At the lodge they try to be as local and eco-friendly as possible, for example, most of the food is grown in a lovely garden on the farm and what they can not grow they get from local farmers or merchants not farther than 50 km from the lodge. It goes with out saying that the food at the lodge is delicious and diverse, for someone who is very picky food wise, I had an excellent meal in great company.

!kwattu lodge

E- biking

An E-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that can be used for propulsion. Being my first time on an E-Bike I was a bit worried at first but with help from the lodge’s employees and great encouragement on their behalf, it ended up being my favorite activity. We went biking on the west coast plains, we even rode about 3 meters away from zebras! You can also go biking on the beach which is not too far from the lodge. It was such a thrilling experience altogether and I highly recommend it!

E- bikes

Herbal tea tasting

The sand people had a great use for plants, using that knowledge the lodge has made different combinations of herbs in order to create teas with different flavors and purposes. Having a bad cough I decided to buy a bag of medicinal tea, the taste is very bitter so it’s better to add honey but it was very effective and my cough almost completely disappeared. It’s very fascinating activity learning how certain herbs can cure you of certain illnesses.

San guided tours 

The tours are very intriguing, as we learn to understand, the culture, heritage, and day to day skills of the san people near the 1800s.
using a sort of trailer bus we head towards a Authentic recreation of a San camp with a few huts and sand tour guides show us objects used by the other generations of sand people explaining their use while telling us really funny stories and anecdotes.

All in all, this tour was just extraordinary, I really loved it, I got to do some fun activities, I learned a lot about the San culture and most importantly I met some marvellous people, this is a trip I will never forget.

You can find the 2 day West coast adventure plus all our other tours here – https://ashanti.co.za/travel/ 

West coast landscape

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