Who doesn’t want to be out the office for as long as possible. Take 11 days leave and get 34 days off work. Enjoy all that extra time with friends, family and loved ones.

The following days are the official South African public holidays in 2018

2018 leave days
Day Date Holiday
Monday 1 Jan New Year’s Day
Wednesday 21 Mar Human Rights Day
Friday 30 Mar Good Friday
Monday 2 Apr Family Day
Friday 27 Apr Freedom Day
Tuesday 1 May Labour Day
Saturday 16 Jun Youth Day
Thursday 9 Aug National Women’s Day
Monday 24 Sep Heritage Day
Sunday 16 Dec Day of Reconcilliation
Monday 17 Dec 16 Dec is a Sun
Tuesday 25 Dec Christmas Day
Wednesday 26 Dec Day of Goodwill

You can create a long weekend to use your leave days before and after the public holidays. In December it’s even possible to hand in 5 leave days and be out the office for a crazy total of 12 Days.

You should use your leave days on the following dates for the best result in 2018

Leave Day Day requested Time off
2 19, 20 Mar 5 days
1 30 Apr 5 days
1 10 Aug 4 days
1 21 Sept 4 days
1 14 Dec 4 days
5 21,24,27,28,31 Dec 12 days
Total days taken   Total days out of office
11   34

What will you do with all these long weekends off? Why not a relaxing beach holiday or an exciting safari or even an adventure tour along the Garden Route. Clear your head by travelling through our beautiful country and its surroundings.

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