Have you thought about coming to Cape Town as a backpacker?  I like travelling off season.  Why you ask?

•    I got proposed to in a snow storm at the grand canyon.  Oh good golly Ms Molly that was cold, but clearly worth it as there was a diamond ring in the mix 😉

•    You get to see the real place when there are less tourists wandering around getting in your way, or even worse here in South Africa the film crew.  How many movies and mini series can one country make?

•    Things are also generally speaking cheaper.  Sure  the table cloth gets over that mountain a bit more often but there is bound to be a day where you will get to see the mother city from a different angle;

•    In winter you don’t get heat waves.  Trust me 40 degrees and a dry heat is no laughing matter, especially if when you are tripping over bus load after safari overlander load of other tourists;

•    Compared to north America and most parts of Europe our winters are quite mild;

•    The surf is better;

•    The wine from Stellenbosch warms the cockles of your little heart more; and

•    Its Cape Town!  There is always a happy smile and savannah for you at the roof top bar at Ashanti Gardens.

So think about coming to South Africa this July.