Hands up if you choose your travel destinations according to where the lowest cost of living is. How about the partying/nightlife potential of a place? Read on if you do, as this will be useful information for you!

As it turns out, Cape Town is one of the best (cheapest) places in the world to buy a round of drinks! Some hard-hitting research done by Shortlist.com puts the Mother City at 2nd place for the city where you would pay the least for a round of drinks globally.

Drinks in bar of Ashanti Gardens Backpackers in Cape Town


With Cairo in first place – roughly R69 (€4.34/$5.16) for a round of a beer, a coke, a bottle of water and coffee – the same would cost you, on average, R83 (€5.26/$6.25) in Cape Town. The exciting discovery of how affordable life can be in much of Africa, Asia and South America is proven in the rest of this list with cities such as Lima, New Delhi and Istanbul. That means more for shopping, adventure sports, good food, accommodation, whatever!

On the other end of the spectrum Paris tops the list for most expensive round of drinks – R240 (€15.14/$18) and joins cities such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Sydney in the list of top 10 most expensive cities in the world to buy drinks for the table.

In summary, save your coins and come stay with us in Cape Town. It’ll be a ball.